Pro’s and Con’s of Owning a Gas Furnace

One of the most popular options for heating houses in the United States is a gas furnace. There are advantages and disadvantages to owning an electric furnace, but they are both as effective. Natural gas heating devices are widely used and frequently connected to residential heating systems. We’ll look at a few things to think about while installing a furnace below.


1.Faster Heating: While both systems generate heat from scratch, gas systems do it more quickly than electric ones. No matter how chilly the outside air becomes, warmth is delivered. This is advantageous, particularly in colder regions.
2.More Economical: Running a gas furnace is less expensive. As a result, since lower energy usage can result in lower monthly power bills, it is typically more inexpensive over time. Electricity is more expensive than natural gas.
3.Using Clean Fire: Natural gas burns with minimum environmental impact while consistently keeping you warm. In contrast, fossil fuels are used to generate energy, which increases the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.
4.Versatile: When you pair your gas furnace with an air conditioner, you may accomplish year-round warmth and cooling.


1.Install Costs Are Higher Up Front: Compared to an electric model, installation costs are higher upfront. Due to the lower cost of operating the furnace, you can make up the difference over time.
2.When the furnace is functioning, some carbon dioxide is emitted into the air. While a good installation should eliminate any risk, a bad installation or damage can lead to problems.

3.More Space Needed for Ductwork: If you choose to switch to a natural gas heating system, it is crucial to take into account the additional space required for the frequently huge, heavy ductwork and related components.

4.Shorter Operating Life: An electric furnace with proper maintenance can last 20 to 30 years. In contrast, a gas furnace only lasts 10 to 15 years. You’ll most likely need to spend a lot of money on a replacement as a result.


The individual who built your house may have previously installed a gas unit. What happens then if your old furnace breaks down? There are numerous justifications for considering a gas system on your own. What route you follow depends on your household’s demands, the size of your house, and where you live. A gas furnace is the best option if efficiency, quick heating, and a cozier space in the winter are important to you.

Furnace Installation/Replacement Assistance from Sky Heating & Air Conditioning

Our professionals can assist you in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each if you are still unsure whether to go electric or gas. When furnaces are most likely to malfunction or break down during the colder months, their knowledge and experience can be quite helpful. Additionally, we are available around-the-clock and can handle practically any issue with a gas furnace in a single visit. Have you observed any unusual sounds, smells, cycling frequently, poor airflow, decreased comfort, or increased energy costs? To make an appointment with Sky Heating & Air Conditioning, call 541-275-2918.